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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we have already heard.  This section will change in grow as more questions are asked!

Do I need a bookkeeper if I already have an accountant?

YES! I would even suggest that having a bookkeeper will benefit you even more! Bookkeepers tend to charge less per hour than an accountant. We help you get organized, make sure you are ready to submit all of your information and then you take that to your accountant. Your accountant is there to assist with preparing your tax documents and performing audits.

Why do I need a bookkeeper for my small business?

As a small business, you usually need every moment you have to work on achieving your business goals. Every day admin and bookkeeping tasks can take a lot of time , especially if you are needing to figure out the financial prrocesses and the different softwares. This adds extra stress to your already crazy schedule! When you hire a bookkeeper, it allows a professional to get that done for you while you handle the portion of your business that makes YOU the professional!

Are bookkeepers expensive?

Contact us for a personalized quote! We offer different packages to help meet your business needs AND your financial needs. We have smaller packages that would include the tasks that you needed done most to our larger packages that would include all services. I am sure we can find a package somewhere in the middle that works for you!!

Do you offer any discounts?

We do!!!  We offer a 10% discount to all Military and First Responders!!

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